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'A Will is a legal document in which a person sets out who they want to manage their estate and give details of how they would like to distribute their assets upon their death.' 
For most of us thinking about what happens after we are gone is something to be done later on in life, but we don't know what life might have in store for us. That is why we recommend that everyone should consider making a Will to protect your interests and the ones you love, to decide who will look after your children and to grant you peace of mind. 
There are many types of Will that we offer, to find out which is best for you and your situation, please feel free to contact us to arrange a no obligation appointment to advise you on which Will is best for you. If you need a free evening appointment or home visit this can be arranged also. 

Will costs 

Simple Will  
£200.00 + £40.00 VAT (Per person) 
Life Interest Will  
£450.00 + £90.00 VAT (Per couple) 
Complex Discretionary Will  
£500.00 + £100.00 VAT (Per person) 
For added peace of mind we recommend that you take a look below at what a Lasting Powers of Attorney can do for you. You can get more information about Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney by calling us on 01902 244 150 or e-mail us at info@magsolicitors.co.uk. 

 Lasting Power of Attorney 

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a document that grants those whom you appoint (your attorneys), authority to deal with your affairs on your behalf. Should that be a mental or physical incapacity.  
Anyone who has had recent deleaing with eldery relatives or friends will know how important these documents are these days when it comes to dealing with their affairs. We however recomend that everyone consider putting these documents in place as we never know when something might occur to impact on our capacity to make decisions. 
There are two types of LPA, Health & Welfare which deals with ongoing care, treatment and end of life decisions, and Property & Finance which deals with your personal accounts, personal finances and your property. 
To discuss which of these documents would be best suited to you and your circumstance then please feel free to contact us for a no obligation appointment. We can offer free evening and weekend appointments too if needed. 

Lasting Power of Attorney Costs 

One LPA document  
£350.00 + £70.00 VAT + £82.00 Court Fee
Two LPA documents (Two for one person or one each for a couple) 
£600.00 + £120.00 VAT + £164.00 Court Fees
Four LPA documents (Two documents for a couple) 
£1,000.00 + £200.00 VAT + £328.00 Court Fees
*The Court Fee(s) is/are paid to the Court of Protection in order to register an LPA and is currently £82 per document 

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